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First post to start this blog. Started as an adjunct to my independently hosted website:


I am an independent sole trader, consultant in town and regional planning, building design and landscaping design.

I support the principles of sustainability as they apply to construction, but only to the extent of “sustainability for the rest of us”. I have no interest in “sustainability for the privileged few” and do NOT support the version of sustainability contained in Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. I do not support the current obsession with alleged AGW (anthropogenic global warming) or any of its descendant memes such as “climate change” and the like.

I am a bit more than a climate skeptic, but not a “climate change denier” since I am aware that climate changes over centennial and millennial scales. Here is North Queensland Australia, minor fluctuations in climate continue to occur. Most of the time the climate is benign. Except when it isn’t, and there are cyclonic winds, floods, unmitigated heat and humidity, and drought. This is not climate change, but climate sameness.

My professional and technical experience over the past 46 years embraces mathematical modelling, energy efficiency, and climate responsive design, the latter relating to tropical environments. The knowledge and experience that this has entailed has resulted in me being certain that the current obsession with global warming/climate change etc is the biggest criminal scam that has ever been inflicted on the human race.